All cancellations will now incur a cancellation fee depending on the notice given. If your dog can’t attend for any reason, e.g. on holiday, sick, school break, kennels or for any other reason, the following applies:
More than 24 hours’ notice: $25 full day or $15 half day to hold your permanent placement.
Less than 24 hours’ notice: 100% of the daily service fee will be payable.
7 days’ notice is required when you would like to cancel your permanent placement, or the policy above applies.
7days’ notice is required when reducing or changing your permanent daycare day or the policy above applies.
* Exceptions will be made for desexing. All other special circumstances / emergencies will be taken into consideration at management’s discretion. Please speak to one of our staff members directly about this.
If, for whatever reason, your dog cannot attend their weekly spot, placement can be held for a maximum of 2 weeks or at our discretion and may be terminated by us after that.
Any dogs that no show or make no contact for 2 weeks will be considered an abandonment and be unenrolled automatically