The purpose of Eastside Pups is to provide a safe, fun and stimulating social environment for dogs. We’d love to welcome any and all fuzzy paws, but for your dog’s safety and the safety of others, your dog must meet the following requirements:


At Eastside Pups we run a structured service, which means we take great care to match your dog with others, ensuring their day is balanced and fulfilling and rostering the correct amount of staff. The way we run things means we can’t just fill spots with another dog if your dog is away. Until now, we’ve allowed you to cancel your dog for the day at no charge, however we’ve been experiencing an extremely high number of cancellations and no shows (often last minute), and it’s no longer sustainable. For this reason, we are introducing the following cancellation policy.

All cancellations will now incur a cancellation fee depending on the notice given. If your dog can’t attend for any reason, e.g. on holiday, sick, school break, kennels or for any other reason, the following applies:
More than 24 hours’ notice: $25 full day or $15 half day to hold your permanent placement.
Less than 24 hours’ notice: 100% of the daily service fee will be payable.
7 days’ notice is required when you would like to cancel your permanent placement, or the policy above applies.
7days’ notice is required when reducing or changing your permanent daycare day or the policy above applies.

* Exceptions will be made for desexing. All other special circumstances / emergencies will be taken into consideration at management’s discretion. Please speak to one of our staff members directly about this.
If, for whatever reason, your dog cannot attend their weekly spot, placement can be held for a maximum of 2 weeks or at our discretion and may be terminated by us after that.

Any dogs that no show or make no contact for 2 weeks will be considered an abandonment and be unenrolled automatically.

We want to avoid the potential conflict where a customer may believe they have told us verbally, but the staff must not have put in a cancellation. Therefore, we stress that if you cancel a booking our preferred means of contact is either text, email or Facebook. You will receive a confirmation in the next several minutes (or early the next morning, if you sent it after hours) – be on the lookout for that, and let us know if you don’t receive it.
Of course, you could phone or tell us in person. We recommend one of the other methods mentioned above, so there is documentation should there be any questions.


Payment is required for any daycare session using one of our concession passes or casual fees on the day.
Late cancellations or no shows will automatically be deducted from your concession card or payment will need to be made on next visit or by internet banking.
Holding fees to be paid by bank transfer within 7 days.


Full day $38, Half Day $25
Concession Cards 10X $340 & 5X $175
*Half a day is for up to 5 hours only from the time of drop off between 7am and 12pm. Over 5 hours will occur and addition charge of $10


No refunds will be given on concession cards. The concessions will expire 6 months after purchase. Unused sessions will not be refunded.

If we decide your dog is unable to continue attending dog daycare, the unused portion of any session pass
purchased may be refunded.


All pups on a casual enrollment must be pre booked in advance.
Please do not just turn up with your dog as we cannot guarantee a spot is available for them and maybe turned away. We want to ensure we meet your dog’s needs and to make sure they are safe and happy at Eastside Pups so bookings are essential and all pups must be checked in by 12pm


We have the right to refuse any services at any time. In the event that your dog is too old, stressed or becomes too stressed to groom, We have the right to refuse, stop or cancel services at any time before, during or after grooming.
The Client will be charged for grooming services rendered up until that point.
A waiver form may need to be signed before any grooming services can start


We are closed all Public Holidays, and our team will enjoy a break over the Christmas New Year period (dates to be advised).
You will not be charged for service on public holidays or during the Christmas close down period, unless you have booked for boarding.